Apple Xserve Diagnostics 3X104 - Simple Memory Tests

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Simple Memory Tests

AXD Mac OS X memory tests test the first 2.5 GB of memory. All multicore memory
tests listed in AXD EFI tools are run.

Even though these tests don’t test all memory, run these tests to detect intermittent
memory issues.

After the first 2.5 GB of memory is tested, the memory test then tests for ECC errors.
When an ECC error occurs, memory catches the problem and fixes it. The test detects
the number of memory fixes and reports them.

Note: The time required to complete memory tests correlates to the size of memory
being tested. These estimates are based on testing 1 GB of memory.


Estimated completion time


Simple Test

12 minutes

Runs all multicore memory tests
listed in AXD EFI tools, reports
the number of ECC errors, and
then resets the count.

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