Apple Xserve Diagnostics 3X104 - Deleting the AXD NetBoot Image

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Deleting the AXD NetBoot Image

You can’t use System Image Utility to delete the AXD NetBoot image. Instead, you
must delete the AXD NetBoot image in the NetBoot image folder, which is located at:

Replace volumename with the name of the volume that you’re installing the AXD
NetBoot image onto. The number (#) varies depending on whether you’re using several
NetBoot volumes. If you’re using only one NetBoot volume, the AXD NetBoot image
is located in NetBootSP0. If you’re using several NetBoot volumes, the AXD NetBoot
image may be located in another folder (for example, NetBootSP1, NetBootSP4, or

To delete the AXD NetBoot image:
Open the Finder and delete AXD.nbi from the NetBoot image folder.