Apple Xserve Diagnostics 3X104 - Quitting AXD Mac OS X Tools While a Test is Running

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Quitting AXD Mac OS X Tools While a Test is Running

If you try to quit AXD Mac OS X tools while a test is running, you won’t be able to print
or save any logs from the current AXD session. Make sure you print or save any critical
logs before quitting.

Instead of quitting in the middle of a test, you can stop the current test, print or save
logs, and then quit.


Chapter 4

Using AXD Tools

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This reference describes all the tests available in AXD tools

and gives estimates for how long the tests take to complete.

The types of tests available depend on if you’re using AXD EFI tools or AXD Mac OS X
tools, and on your Xserve model and configuration.

Comparison of Available Tests

The following table compares the tests available by component, depending on if
you’re using AXD EFI tools or AXD Mac OS X tools. For more information about the
specific tests available for each component, see “AXD EFI Tools Tests” on page 37 and
“AXD Mac OS X Tests” on page 43.

A % indicates that a test is available, and a blank entry indicates that there are no tests

Component tested

Available in AXD EFI

Available in AXD
Mac OS X tools


Boot ROM


Ethernet controller



Different tests are
available depending on
the tool.